Customer Name: _______________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________
Account# _______________________________________________

Under this Plan, [UTILITY NAME] agrees to provide services in return for your agreement to make payments according to the terms of this Plan.

This Plan requires that you pay $ XX.XX per month for the 12 month period starting with the billing cycle commencing on MM/DD/YYYY and ending on MM/DD/YYYY.

Such equal monthly payment is based on an estimate of your annual billing, which has been calculated by multiplying the average monthly consumption by the current estimate of commodity prices over the above-referenced 12-month period. Your average monthly consumption is _______________ Therms and/or ______________ kwh, based on your last 12 months actual consumption. If the service address for which you will be billed under this Plan is a new property, which has not been served or for which 12 months of data is not available, your average monthly consumption will be based on a similar property in the area in which the service address is located.

The Plan shall be subject to regular review for conformity with actual billings. [UTILITY NAME] reserves the right to recalculate such monthly payment to reflect either an increase or decrease in the average monthly consumption.

Each month, you will be billed the equal monthly payment and you will be required to pay such amount stated on the bill. Your bill will also inform you what your consumption for the period was, as well as the actual charge you would have incurred if you were not on the Plan. If you fail to pay the bill when due, you may be subject to termination of service pursuant to the Home Energy Fair Practices Act.

In the last month of the Plan, [UTILITY NAME] shall true up your account based on a comparison of the billing under this billing plan and the amount you would have been charged for the budget period if you were not on the plan. It you owe [UTILITY NAME] a sum of money due to the true up, you will be billed for the amount due. If you have been over billed you will be issued a credit to be applied to the next plan year.

[ ] Yes! I would like Budget Billing:

Return one signed copy to [UTILITY NAME] by MM/DD/YYYY.

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